Start taking card payments now

Static terminal


Counter top terminals can be hooked up via your phoneline from a fixed point in your business. They come with contactless as standard, are highly reliable, fast and efficient, ideal for any type of business.

WiFi/Bluetooth terminal


Give your customers and staff a better service, connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi allowing for the terminal to be used anywhere with in the business

GPRS Terminal


The card machine that allows you to use it anywhere in the UK, ideal for any type of business that requires you to be able to take payment directly whilst on site.

Card Machines

UKCardline’s card payment solutions and terminals process credit and debit card transactions up to six times faster than most terminals. It can significantly reduce your transaction costs, while providing a better service to your customers. Our terminals are ‘Contactless’ enabled to allow for increased efficiency at the point of sale.Whether your business requires a counter top or mobile unit, UKCardline offers the best solution, and uses broadband and GPRS technology. Transactions are high speed, typically 3 – 4 seconds, with instant receipt printing.

Virtual Terminal

Businesses of any size can now take phone payments using a Virtual Terminal. This is effectively an online card machine with a web-based interface, which can be accessed through a PC, smartphone or tablet. It allows you to process card payments from your customers over the phone or by mail order, as long as you’re connected to the internet.