Terms & Conditions

  • We Work with a large number of suppliers in order to provide our services to you
  • When you provide us with either written or verbal permission (Letter of Authority) we will use this information to discuss your account direct with the suppliers in order to enable us to offer you a choice from market information along with informed guidance from a combined industry knowledge of 25+ years
  • Payment for services, to ourselves vary from supplier to supplier depending on the service you select but we either earn our fees via those suppliers or on a pre-agreed fixed price direct fee with you
  • Our services are designed to support your business and enable you to build a solid relationship of trust and focus on other areas of your business, the ones that matter more to you
  • We are fully compliant with GDPR and all processes are secured and any sensitive information gained during Services are held for a maximum of 12 months after those services conclude
  • We are a consultant, our service is to help you when deciding on the utilities sector
  • We can only provide services if an agreement is made directly between you as the client and ourselves as the consultant, this could be a verbal agreement or in writing
  • Our cost per contract varies based on market conditions when the contracts are being placed and  the specific requirements of your business consumptions and can only be accurately calculated after the contract has ended
  • We work closely with our clients in order to help us secure a stronger level of buying power with the suppliers. We then filter this back round to you
  • We offer a transparent solution and we are happy to disclose how much commissions we receive for working with yourself, upon request
  • Should you have any further queries relating to the services available to yourself or any other information you may like to know then please contact us on – info@businessutilityservices.co.uk (BUS)/info@ukcardline.co.uk (UKC) – and subject “information request”

This list is not inclusive and as such there could be many variables with in the day to day operations of the business, we have an open door policy with all our clients and you’re more than welcome to ask us anything direct that you wish to know.